Explore our Similar Perfume Best Sellers with the new Top 10 essential fragrances

Discover our exclusive collection of best sellers, the Top 10 perfumes that have conquered olfactory hearts worldwide. Each of these fragrances is an exceptional sensory experience, meticulously selected to captivate and allure.

PERFUME - M18 | Equivalent to Cuir Beluga (Unisex)

M18, a best seller, embodies timeless sophistication with mysterious notes reminiscent of Cuir Beluga. This unisex fragrance leaves an olfactive imprint that transcends gender.

PERFUME - M12 | Imitation of Kryptonite (Unisex)

M12, a must-have, captures the vibrant energy of Kryptonite. This unisex fragrance blends freshness and power, leaving a magnetic trace wherever you go.

PERFUME - H15 | Similar to Météore (Men)

H15, a best-selling men's fragrance, embodies the strength and beauty of meteors. An olfactive explosion of dynamism and vitality that brightens your daily life with unparalleled luminosity.

PERFUME - H16 | Alternative to Imagination (Men)

H16 takes you beyond the borders of imagination. This masculine fragrance celebrates creativity and wonder, capturing the infinite spirit of imagination.

PERFUME - H17 | Clone of Nouveau Monde (Men)

H17, a best-selling men's fragrance, paves the way for a new olfactive world. Its revolutionary notes merge to create a bold and avant-garde fragrance, heralding a new era.

PERFUME - M15 | Equivalent to Les Sables Roses (Unisex)

M15 evokes the enchanting charm of Pink Sands. This unisex fragrance transports your senses to paradisiacal beaches and moments of pure bliss.

PERFUME - F32 | Alternative to Attrape-Rêves (Women)

F32, a best-selling women's fragrance, captures the magic of Dreamcatcher. Let yourself be carried away by its mystical notes that lull your dreams and awaken your spirit.

PERFUME - M21 | Dupe of Ombre Nomade (Unisex)

M21, a best-selling unisex fragrance, is an intriguing olfactive shadow. This dark and captivating fragrance creates a mystical aura, inviting you to explore uncharted nuances in the world of perfumes.

PERFUME - M23 | Alternative to Soleil Neige (Unisex)

M23, a harmonious fusion of warm and cold, akin to Sun Snow. This unisex fragrance evokes the gentleness of the first rays of sun on pristine snow.

PERFUME - M17 | Dupe of Lost Cherry (Unisex)

M17, a best-selling unisex fragrance, is an exquisite fusion of sweet notes, reminiscent of the Lost Cherry perfume. A deliciously addictive fragrance that leaves an unforgettable trail.

Parfum Similaire presents a collection of best sellers, providing an exceptional olfactory experience tailored for every personality and style. Immerse yourself in these must-have fragrances and embark on an extraordinary olfactive journey.

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