How to make a perfume last longer? This is the question that every perfume lover asks themselves. You should know that your skin is alive/it generates heat, it sweats, and has its own acidity... Some skins will really amplify the perfume notes and make them last... But this is not the case for yours? Do not panic ! If you can't stand buying overpriced perfumes that don't last on your skin, you're tired of re-perfuming yourself every hour to smell good and your bottle is visibly empty, we to the solution! ūüėČ Here are some tips that will improve the staying power of your perfume throughout the day‚Ķ

Making a perfume last longer ‚Äď the basis: quality and intensity

Before starting, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the perfume. The price difference between¬†a quality perfume and an inexpensive perfume¬†is not always linked to the greed of the brand ūüėČ A perfume is expensive to produce if it is made up of¬†beautiful ingredients, and if the formulas are very concentrated in perfume. These two parameters are of great importance in relation to the longevity of the perfume.

Next, ask yourself what kind of intensity you want for your scent. Intensity is the power of the wake you will leave behind you. Some people like to have a broad sillage, so that they can be smelled as soon as they enter a room. While others prefer to have an intimate scent, which you will only smell if you get…very close. And it has nothing to do with how it lasts on the skin! There are very intense perfumes that don't last, and very discreet perfumes that last a very long time.

Then choose the right concentration!

At Sillages, in our workshops Parisians …

Do you like your perfume to be smelled and to leave a trail as you pass by?
So choose eau de parfum or perfume extracts over toilet water And eau de Cologne, whose concentration of perfumed substance is much lower (2 to 12% of perfume diluted in alcohol). Furthermore, eau de Cologne and eau de toilette are olfactorily constructed to be lighter, that is to say, there are more top notes, a little less heart notes and very little background notes ! However, it is the base notes that make your perfume last longer on the skin.

Despite everything, there are (obviously) discreet eau de parfums. At the house of Sillages Paris, we only offer very concentrated eau de parfums, which are also tested to last all day on your skin :)

Then, pay attention to the preservation of your perfumes:

Keep your perfumes cool!

Preserving your perfumes is a key element in keeping their good smell intact! Do not display them anywhere. Perfumes do not tolerate light, humidity and heat very well... Which can cause them to fade very quickly! Here are the tips for review Nose which is a reference:

‚Äú The best way to preserve a bottle of perfume is to keep it in the dark, in its box, in a closed cupboard (UV alters the olfactory molecules), at a constant temperature, between 11 and 15¬į ideally (heat accelerates reactions), and at low humidity (a wine cellar will be perfect).

So you will have understood, the worst means of conservation are bottles without a box, exposed in the bathroom or on a window sill... and at worst, in the sun! ‚ÄĚ

Do you feel targeted? ūüėČ Now at least you know!

And here are some tips to make your perfume last!

Beyond the intrinsic quality of the perfume, there are obviously tips to make its perfume last on the skin. The way you perfume yourself for example can play.

making a perfume last: advice from Sillages Paris
Hannah Gray¬†perfumes itself with its Sillage ūüôā
  • Moisturize your skin with an odorless cream or oil before spraying your perfume. And yes, the perfume lasts longer in an oily phase!
  • Spray the fragrance about 20 centimeters from your skin. The perfume will last longer if it is sprayed evenly over a large area, rather than liberally over a small area!
  • Spray your clothes to make a scent last. Thus, they retain odors for a very long time, which is an advantage when you want to add your perfume to an accessory you wear. Or leave your memory on someone's scarf or t-shirt... Moreover, perfuming clothing allows people with sensitive skin not to deprive themselves of the perfume of their dreams!

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